Gear Pump Repair

Gear Pump Repair and Maintenance

Gear Pump Repair

Serial numberFault phenomenonCause of issueSolution
1、Gear pump does not absorb oil · Inhalation management circuit is blocked or leaked
· The suction height exceeds the allowable suction vacuum height
· Motor reverse
· Medium viscosity is too high
· Overhaul the suction line
· lower suction height
· Change the direction of the motor
· Warm up the medium
2、Pressure gauge pointer fluctuates greatly · Air leakage in the suction line
· The safety valve is not adjusted properly or the working pressure is too large so that the safety valve is opened and closed at times.
· Check the suction line
· Adjust the safety valve or reduce the working pressure
3、Traffic drops · Blocked or leaking suction line
· Severe wear in gears and pumps
· Motor speed is not enough
· The safety valve spring is too loose or the disc is not in tight contact with the valve seat
· Check the suction line
· Parts should be replaced when worn out
· Repair or replace the motor
· Adjust spring, grind disc, and seat
4、Sharp increase in shaft power · Blocked discharge line
· Serious friction between gear and pump
· The viscosity of the medium is too high
· Stop the pump to clean the pipeline
· Repair or replace related parts
· Heat up the medium
5、Gear pump vibrates · The pump and the motor are not concentric
· Gear and pump are not concentric or have large · clearance
· Air in the pump
· If the installation height is too large, cavitation occurs in the pump
· Adjust concentricity
· Maintenance adjustment
· Overhaul the suction line and remove the leaking parts
· Lower installation height or lower speed
6、Gear pump heats up · Severe friction in the pump
· Mechanical seal oil return hole is blocked
· Oil temperature is too high
· Check and adjust gear clearance
· Clear the oil return hole
· Properly lower the oil temperature
7、A large amount of oil leaks from the mechanical seal · Incorrect assembly position
· Sealing gland not flattened
· The sealing surfaces of the moving ring and the static ring are bruised
· The dynamic and static ring seals are damaged
· Reinstall as required
· Adjust the sealing gland
· Grind the sealing surface or replace it with new parts
· Replace the sealing ring
Gear Pump Structural Drawing

Daily maintenance of gear pumps

  • Regularly check the pump outlet pressure, overpressure operation is not allowed.
  • Regularly check whether the pump fastening bolts are loose and there is no noise in the pump
  • Regularly check the temperature of stuffing box, bearing and casing.
  • Periodically check the shaft seal for leaks.
  • Check the current regularly.
  • Clean the inlet filter regularly

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