How does the excavator hydraulic pump work?

The engine, hydraulic pump, and distribution valve are the three commonly referred to as the three major parts of excavators. For novices who are exposed to Engines, hydraulic pumps, and distribution valves are the three major parts of excavators that people often say. For novices who are exposed to excavators at the beginning, they will definitely wonder why the excavator is not powered by the engine like a car. It passes through the gearbox, The drive shaft drives the vehicle forward, but the engine drives the hydraulic pump to rotate, and the high-pressure hydraulic oil drives the vehicle to move through hydraulic actuators such as hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders.

The engine provides power for the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil pipeline, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, etc. carry out hydraulic transmission, and the distribution valve carries out hydraulic control.

Today we first understand some basic knowledge of excavator hydraulic pumps, and then talk about hydraulic knowledge step by step.

What is a plunger pump and what is a gear pump?

Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy. We generally see gear pumps and plunger pumps (for excavators and loaders).

The plunger pump and the gear pump have the same thing: they both generate pressure on the liquid by changing the volume.

Plunger pump and gear pump have the same place: the mechanism is different, the volume position is different. The liquid volume of the gear pump is between the two gears, and the liquid volume is changed by the rotation of the gears. The volume of the plunger pump is in each plunger cylinder.

Common large and medium-sized excavators generally combine plunger pumps and gear pumps to form a hydraulic pump assembly. Generally, the main pump is a plunger pump (with a higher output hydraulic oil pressure) for hydraulic travel motors, hydraulic swing motors, and hydraulic cylinders. Oil; the pilot pump is a gear pump (lower output hydraulic oil pressure) to supply oil to the distribution valve.

Gear pump: The gear pump works by the closed movement of the two meshing gears when they rotate. The gear pump is a gear drive to provide power, and the gear pump is a quantitative pump, mostly used for low-precision medium and low pressure control

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