Hydraulic pump configuration table for excavators such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, etc.

KAWASAKI plunger pump and hydraulic motor series

  1. K3V series (pumps): K3V63DT/BDT, K3V112DT/BDT, K3V140DT, K3V180DT
  2. NV series: NV45, NV50, NV64, NV84, NV90, NV111, NV137 ,   NV172, NV237, NV270, NVK45
  3. KVC series: KVC925, KVC930, KVC932
  4. MX series (motor): MX50, MX150, MX170, MX173
  5. M2X series (motor): M2X55, M2X63, M2X96, M2X120, M2X146 , M2X150, M2X170, M2X210
  6. M5X series (motor): M5X130, M5X160, M5X180

KOMATSU excavator piston pump and motor series

  1. HPV35 (PC200-3/5, PC120-3/5)
  2. HPV55 (PC100-3/5, PC120-3/5)
  3. HPV90 (PC200-3/5, PC220-3/5) HPV160 (PC300-3/5, PC400-3/5)
  4. KPV90 (PC200-1/2)
  5. KPV100 (PC300-1/2, PC400- 1/2)
  6. HPV95 (PC200-6/7, PC220-6/7)
  7. KMF90 (PC200-3/5, PC220-3/5)
  8. KMF160 (PC300-3/5, PC400-3/ 5)

HITACHI hydraulic plunger pump series for excavators

  1. HPV125B (UH07-7, UH083)
  2. HPV125A (UH09-7, UH10-1/2)
  3. HPV116 (EX200-1, EX220-1)
  4. HPV091 (EX200-2/3, EX220-2/3)
  5. HPV102 (EX200-5, EX220-5)
  6. HPV105 (ZAXIS200/220)
  7. HPV145 (EX300-1/2/3/5)

CATERPILLAR hydraulic plunger pump series for excavators

  1. SPK10/10 (E180, E200B)
  2. SPV10/10 (MS180-3, MS180-8, EL240)
  3. VRD63 (E110B, E120B)
  4. AP12 (320, E315)
  5. A8VO107 (320B, E300L, E325L)
  6. A8VO160 (E330B, E345L)
  7. CAT12G, CAT14G, CAT15G, CAT16G

TOSHIBA rotary motor series

SG02, SG04, SG08, SG15, SG20, MFC

REXROTH hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor

  1. A8VO series: A8VO55, A8VO80, A8VO107, A8VO160
  2. A2F series: A2F23, A2F28, A2F55, A2F80, A2F107, A2F160
  3. A4VSO series: A4VSO40, A4VSO56, A4VSO45, A4VSO71, A4VSO125, A4VSO180, A4VSO250, A4VSO355
  4. A4VG series: A4VG28, A4VG45, A4VG50, A4VG56, A4VG71, A4VG125, A4VG180, A4VG250
  5. A6V series: A4VG250 5, A6V series: A6V6, A2506, A2506, A2506, A2506, A2506 A7V1
  6. A7V28, A7V55, A7V80, A7V107, A7V160, A7V200, A7V250
  7. A8V series: A8V55, A8V80, A8V107, A8V115, A8V172
  8. A10VSO series: A10VSO28, A10VSO43, A10VSO45, A10VSO71, A10VSO100, A10VSO140
  9. A10VD series: A10VD17, A10VD21, A10VD28, A10VD43, A10VD71
  10. A11V series: A11V130, A11V160, A11V190, A11V250
  11. Other series: AP2D21, AP2D25, AP2D36, AP2D38


  1. PV20 series: PV18, PV20, PV21, PV22, PV23, PV24, PV25, PV26, PV27, PV29
  2. 90 series: 90-030, 90-055, 90-075, 90-100, 90-130, 90-180, 90-250

EATON series

3321/3331, 4621/4631, 5421/5431, 7621

VIKERS series

PVE19, PVE21, PVH57, PVH74, PVH98, PVH131, PVB5/6, PVB10

NACHI series

  1. PVD2B series: PVD2B-34, PVD2B-36, PVD2B-38, PVD2B-40
  2. Sumitomo PSV2 series: PSV2-55 (SH100/120)

VOLVO series

F11-5, F11-10, F11-14, F11-19, F11-58, F11-60, F11-80, F11-90, F11-110, F11-150, F11 -250

KAYABA series

MAG120, MAG150, MAG170, MAG200, MAG230

LINDE series

B2PV50 (BPR50), B2PV75 (BPR75), B2PV105 (BPR105), BPR140, BPR186

TAIJIN series hydraulic motors

GM07, GM08, GM09, GM17, GM19, GM23, GM24, GM28, GM30F, GM30H, GM30VA, GM35VA, GM35VL, GM38H, GM38VA

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