Gear Pump CBJ26-D18 803004364


Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

Brand Name: CCMIE

Warranty period: 12 months

Product status: in stock

Delivery time: within 5-10 days

Provide after-sales service: online technical support


Gear Pump CBJ26-D18 803004364

The company has a technical research and development team of more than 70 people, of which more than 90% have hydraulic product technology for more than ten years, which has always been the driving force for the company’s new product development.


Currently, the company specializes in hydraulic parts, and all of its products are serialized:

There have mostly been three systems developed:

Positive flow, negative flow, and load sensing control systems are all available.


There are four series in total:

Products in the 6-ton, 8-ton, 20-ton, and 40-ton series are available.


Products are mainly used in:

Excavators, loaders, concrete machinery and other construction machinery and special vehicles, etc.


Supporting brands:



The company holds over 80 invention patents for current technologies, including “bi-metal sintering of the ductile iron and copper,” “surface hardening nitriding heat treatment of hydraulic parts,” and “hardening carbonitriding heat treatment,” among others.



Gear pump oil pump List


Gear pump0501208765 860106313 860117628
Gear pump CBQXG-F525-AL (spare part) 860116973
Gear pump CBTn-F425-ALX (spare part) 860116972
Gear pump 0750132143 (ZF) (spare part) 860116268
Gear pump ZF (899005052) (spare part) 860116155
Gear pump pad ZL40A.30-11=250200290 860114926
CBGJ2063/1016 Gear pump shaft head oil seal  860114025
CBGJ3100 Gear Pump Shaft Head Oil Seal 860114024
Gear pump CBGJ3160 (spare parts) 860111160
Gear pump 0899005052 (spare part) 860111156
Duplex gear pump HPO31B-578B10H20-25R-BO7-(spare parts) 860108804
Gear pump CBJ32D.35-002 (spare parts) 860108781
Gear pump CBN-F316 right hand (spare parts) 860107446
Vibrating gear pump CBN-E316 (spare parts) 860107445
Gear pump AT200/15S287S-B (spare parts) 860107104
Gear pump CBTF-414-AFpE (spare part) 860107017
Gear pump 504 (0501208765) (spare part) 860106313
Gear pump CBK63/16 (spare part) 860106274
Gear pump CB-KPH63/16 (spare parts) 860106272
Gear pump CBCA-E310-AFPL (spare part) 860104479
Gear pump CBZ2080/2032 gradually left (spare parts) 860104387
Gear pump CBGJ3100/1032 (spare parts) 860104371
Gear pump CBHZ-F32-ALH6L (spare part) 860102710
Duplex gear pump P5100-F80/E16Y (spare parts) (deleted) 860102645
Duplex gear pump P5100-F80/E16Y (spare parts) 860102644
Gear pump CBG160 (spare part) 860102570
Gear pump 0510.615.333 (spare part) 860101907
Double gear pump W9A21916L3G103102N (spare part) 860101905
Gear pump AP200/15-200/11s2287S-B (spare parts) 860101901
Double gear pump W9A21916R3G103102N (spare part) 860101895
Gear pump CBW-F316-CF2H4R (spare part) 860100814
Gear pump CBW-F316-CF2H4L (spare part) 860100813
W15-A3-28-25-19 gear pump 1830402 (spare parts) 860100810
W15-A2-25-19 Gear Pump (Spare Parts) 860100809
W15-A1-25-25-4-1 gear pump 1830404 (spare parts) 860100808
G5-20-20-5-H16F-24-RJSB gear pump (spare part) 860100799
Gear pump AP200/155287S-B (spare part) 860100788
Gear pump 0510.515.323 (spare part) 860100769
510.515.323 Bosch gear pump (spare part) 860100768
Gear pump CBTC-F410-AFpR (spare part) 860100760
Gear pump CB-H16-HFL (spare part) 860100733
1121311306 Gear Pump 803164442
JHP3100R gear pump 803077002
CBF-F432-ALPL (Suiyi) gear pump 803071300
P7260-80/10(1151412022) Gear Pump 803045370
JHP3080R gear pump 803045327
HP205OL Gear Pump 803045312
CBGJ2063R gear pump (right-hand) 803045250
1123031145 Gear Pump 803043509
1123031157 Gear Pump 803043501
CBGJ2080 gear pump (special) 803043379
CBGq2100 Gear Pump 803043377
CBGj2063/1010-XF gear pump 803043376
CBG-Fa2063 /CBGq2063  Gear Pump 803043375
P7260-100/10(1151412009) Duplex Gear Pump 803013093
1117132182 Double gear pump 803009463
CBJ26-E25C4 gear pump 803009438
WPO9A1B230LO3FA150N Gear Pump 803006901
P7600-F140NP3676G-R Gear Pump 803006862
AP200/19-200/11S2287S-B Duplex Gear Pump 803006642
510.525.312 Dr. Gear Pump 803006609
P510O-F8ONP367 6/P124-G16G double gear pump set 803004568
P7200-F160 Gear Pump Assembly 803004567
P5100-F100/16 Duplex Gear Pump 803004560
CBGJ3100/10 Gear Pump 803004539
Gear Pump CBJ26-E25C1 803004367
CBJ30-D18 gear pump 803004366
Gear pump CBJ32-D35.5 803004365
Gear Pump CBJ26-D18 803004364
Gear Pump CBJ50-E35D 803004363
1141011017 Gear Pump (23ml/r) 803004246
CBJ26-E20C gear pump 803004244
CBJ35-F18L-S2K gear pump 803004221
CBQXGA-F525-AL (CBJ35-F25L-S2K) gear pump 803004198
CBTN-F425-ALX (CBJ40-F25-S3K) gear pump 803004189
JHP2100 gear pump 803004134
CBGJ2063C gear pump 803004124
JHP2080 gear pump 803004115
P7200-F160H Gear Pump 803004106
P5100-F100 CX Gear Pump 803004078
CBGJ3100(1151011008) gear pump 803004063
CBN-E550 gear pump 803004033
CBN-E32 gear pump 803004032
wPO9A1B140LO3FA15ON gear pump 803004022
WPO9A1B05OLO3FA121N Gear Pump 803004018
510.725.350 Gear pump 803003994
510.525.324 Gear pumps 803003993
510.625.346 Gear Pump=803004003 803003989
510.425.320 Gear pump 803003988
wPO9A1B190LO3FA15ON gear pump 803003941
G5-20-20-A15F-20-L double gear pump 803003933
LW188 working gear pump connecting sleeve 802138540
LW188 gear pump connecting plate (special machine spare parts) 802138528
CBGJ2080/1010-XF gear pump (six teeth rectangular spline) 800345763

Gear pump oil pump picture


Komatsu loader hydraulic gear pump oil pump705-51-20290 (1) Kawasaki Cat hydraulic gear pump Transmission Pump705-12-44010 (1)



Q1: How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period is 12 months.
Q2: What payment methods can you accept?
T/T, Western Union, PAYPAL, Bank of China, HSBC
Q3: Can you pack me according to my request? How is the product packaged?
Yes, it is exported in neutral packaging in wooden or cardboard boxes.
Q4: What is the delivery time?
1) Spot: usually 3-5 days. It can be as fast as 24 hours.
2) Out of stock: According to the quantity you require, usually 10-20 days, but we have a large amount of inventory.
Q5: What kind of transportation can you provide?
1) Large quantities of orders: sea or air freight. (We can give you the best price)
2) Small batch orders: DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS, ARAMEX
Q6: Do you accept small orders?
Yes, small orders can be accepted.
Q7: What products can your company provide?
1) CCMIE brand hydraulic pump valves and other products, OEM, 100% genuine parts, COPY (made in China).
2) Genuine spare parts.