SANY SY 485 excavator swing motor assembly


Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

Brand Name: CCMIE

Warranty period: 12 months

Product status: in stock

Delivery time: within 5-10 days

Provide after-sales service: online technical support


SANY SY 485 excavator swing motor assembly

1. The company has more than 70 technical R&D team members, of which more than 90% have accumulated more than ten years of hydraulic product technology, and have become the main force for the company to develop new products.

2. The company currently focuses on hydraulic parts for hydraulic excavators, and the products have been serialized:

Mainly three systems have been developed:

Positive flow system, negative flow system, load sensing control system;

Five series:

6-ton products, 8-ton products, 20-ton products, 40-ton products, concrete series products.

3. The company has more than 80 invention patents for existing technologies, among which “bi-metal sintering of ductile iron and copper”, “surface hardening nitriding heat treatment of hydraulic parts”, “hardening carbonitriding heat treatment” and other technologies are second to none in the industry.

CCMIE excavator swing motor and assembly configuration table


Excavator swing motor and assembly model

 spare part number

The main parameters

Excavator assembly




M5X180: 14T, 4 holes (ø40*14T*m2.5)/169 displacement

20-26 ton excavator, Sany 235/245, equipped with Kawasaki 2G14


M5X180: 14T, 4 holes (ø40*14T*m2.5)/169 displacement, oil outlet threaded connection

XCMG 20-26 ton excavator



M5X180: 16T, 4 holes (ø45*16T*m2.5)/180 displacement

27-36 ton excavator, Sany 305/285/365, equipped with Kawasaki 2G20



M5X180: 16T, 4 holes (ø45*16T*m2.5)/180 displacement/oil port threaded connection

30-ton excavator for XCMG and Sany vehicles




40-ton excavator, Sany 485 (Kawasaki model)

    MA170W     GS14A01



20-26 tons excavator

    MA130W     GS11A01



20 ton/30 ton excavator double rotation

    MA45W     GS4A01



8-10 tons excavator



Q1: How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period is 12 months.
Q2: What payment methods can you accept?
T/T, Western Union, PAYPAL, Bank of China, HSBC
Q3: Can you pack me according to my request? How is the product packaged?
Yes, it is exported in neutral packaging in wooden or cardboard boxes.
Q4: What is the delivery time?
1) Spot: usually 3-5 days. It can be as fast as 24 hours.
2) Out of stock: According to the quantity you require, usually 10-20 days, but we have a large amount of inventory.
Q5: What kind of transportation can you provide?
1) Large quantities of orders: sea or air freight. (We can give you the best price)
2) Small batch orders: DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, ARAMEX
Q6: Do you accept small orders?
Yes, small orders can be accepted.
Q7: What products can your company provide?
1) CCMIE brand hydraulic pump valves and other products, OEM, 100% genuine parts, COPY (made in China).
2) Genuine spare parts.